Sexy in a tube~

I’m all stirred up by this sexy lipstick! I love the lipstick tube. I love the leopard/cheetah packaging. I love the way it swivels up and down. I love the bullet shaped like an art object. I love the way it smells and the ones that don’t have a scent. She has two types. This tube shouts SEXY.

Created by a fellow make-up artist of course.The colors come in a variety of formulas from sheer to creamy. My lips are sporting a sexy shade named Dena.  Unleash your inner sexy and take a walk on the wild side.

LWT Cosmetics… a lipstick dressed in animal print  packaging that moves me~ It’s amazing the power of a lipstick case  and what it does to a woman. Or a man. How do you feel? Let’s start a conversation.

I blog from my heart…no one ever pays me to say anything about a beauty review. I love being a girl. I love to kiss and makeup!!!

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