Valentines Day is on the way!

If you have a Valentine or are going to give to your Galentine….

Have I got some awesome gift ideas for you! Each day until V-day I’ll share some great ideas with you.


Isn’t this flask SEXY?Lip Flask.jpg

I think it can be used for a variety of things. Water,wine spritzer or even home-made spa water for healthier looking skin.

Too cute!


Healthy Skin has never been more in!

So as I wrap up my month on skin care and skin care secrets I leave you this last day of January with a simple message.

It is OK to pamper yourself, spoil yourself, above all take care of yourself and LOVE taking care of your skin.

Everything is out there in the marketplace for you to keep it healthy looking and  feeling it’s best!

If you don’t TAKE CARE of your face and body… who will?pexels-photo-733878.jpeg

Another secret to younger looking skin and more!

I am under the weather and my skin,throat and nostrils are so dry!  My throat is so sore. You don’t want a cold or flu but if you are sick here’s something besides resting in bed that you can do.

humidifier violifeI pulled out my personal humidifier again and am feeling a bit better. This cold season is rough!

I have done all I can to keep myself comfortable from medicine to hot cozy soups and teas. This got me thinking since I am blogging all about skin this month I have to share this tip!

If you want to love your skin again and I know many of you do. Add a humidifier to your beauty and skin care ritual. It isn’t just for colds and the air you breath. It gives your skin a dewy glow and makes it feel less tight,dry and wrinkled looking.

I like the brand VioLife a portable, soothing personal humidifier that I can even take with me on the go.

YOU can use it on the go or in any of these places. A hotel, dorm room, baby nursery, den, office or cubicle to name a few.

Anywhere you want to improve the air and need relief, available in a complete lightweight kit – with water bottle and travel case!

It is so easy to use and just what the doctor ordered! Stay well.



As seen on TV!

photo River City Live 1-2018.JPG

Because you asked…

Last week I shared on River City Live TV in sunny Jacksonville Florida an informative and fun segment on skin care. I covered the most popular questions I get asked when it comes to skin. Those TV minutes GO FAST. I had lots to cover and say.

First of all as I have written in my blog before it isn’t just about the jar of face cream!

If you have dehydrated skin, sun baked skin,combination,hormonal or normal skin. You need to think outside the jar and take a beauty supplement or two. NeoCell is my go to when it comes to taking care of my skin. Collagen decreases as we celebrate more birthdays and our skin changes and droops! Ugh…what’s a gal OR guy to do? Scoop up some NeoCell collagen powder or the new DermaMatrix  and place it in a smoothie, a bowl of soup or sprinkle on a fresh salad. I love eating my way to prettier skin!!!

Stay on top of taking care of your body with the new world of edible beauty/skin care. There are so many healthy innovations out there. You can even do this by eating a yummy skin loving NeoCell cookie bar. Yes, I said COOKIE BAR!

2nd If your tummy isn’t happy your face will show it and your body and digestive track will be off. Belle and Bella has an array of probiotics for your skin and for your body.. Intestinal flora is important. Your skin always shows outside what is going on inside. Take care of your digestive track. It will love you back.

3rd As repitisous and boring as it may sound…SUNSCREEN needs to rock your beauty routine. Protection is the fountain of youth. In the sun or not.

4th Face masks today are not your mama’s. You don’t have to scoop them out of a jar or squeeze a tube anymore. The sheet mask from Korea and now available in some brands in the US are wildly popular. Easy,convenient and super hydrating! All skin types need them. I few brands I like are Therapispa,To Go Spa and any other brand from Korea. I like to use one weekly or before I go out somewhere special or am on TV.

INSTANT gratification and HAPPY SKIN in 10 to 20 mins.

5th I love a sonic cleansing unit to wash my face but remember you can’t use RX products like Retin-A, harsh exfoliants and intense skin care treatments with it.

Your skin can only take so much! IT will get irritated,red,splotchy and very very dry.

6th I appreciate the beauty benefits of light therapy. But please be careful when you are using it and any other tech tools you have purchased.You have to learn how to use all tools the right way. AND not all of them at the same time. Don’t be armed and dangerous. Have a conversation with your dermatologist or esthetician (Skin care professional) on the regime.

To watch my TV segment…go to and click on River City Live look for this photo and enjoy!


Soapy goodness!

Soap blog 1-2018Freezing to pretty cold in Florida! Yes, sunny, balmy and beach going Florida.

Our skin and this weather is not a winning combination.I am sure where you live the same is true for many of you. So, we don’t just want to moisturize our face we need to hydrate and soften the skin on our body too. This is the time of year our skin gets rough to the touch,dry,scaly,chalky and not so pretty looking.

I fell in LOVE with some new soaps that Oprah loves I simply had to share with you. They were featured in O magazine and had me at the picture as the  soaps were wrapped and packaged like a wheel of gourmet cheese. How fun! The brand is FarmHouse Fresh.

I must admit I wasn’t sure about using the soap in it’s pie like shape but using the soap bars have been fun. They are made with goats milk,whole milk,pistachio nuts,honey, lavender,chia seeds,fruits and oats.

Soap scents include:

Honey-apple oat

Rosemary- mint

Lavender honey

Blueberry Chia seed

The brand calls them Gourmet Milk Soaps.

I love taking baths and showers! And am in love with making that experience awesome. Decadent and fun soaps or bath bombs and balms are included in that mix.

Hope you discover these soaps in your area. You gotta try one! You’ll become hooked.



Naturally Smooth!

sugar and banana blog.JPGYour elbows can’t moisturize and exfoliate themselves and neither can your knees. Every once in a while I like to do this natural treatment to my skin. Instead of baking banana bread I make a treat for my body.

What you need is a very ripe banana. 

Cut the banana in pieces and place in a bowl.

Mash and smoosh the banana.

ADD a tablespoon or more of brown sugar ( I had a bag of old light brown sugar so I wanted to use it up) By the way you can also use white granulated if you prefer.

STIR in the two and Your Banana & Sugar exfoliating treat is ready to use!

Apply this luscious mix to your dry elbows and dry knees or just your elbows and rub it in. Go round and round as it softens up your dehydrated and not so pretty looking dark elbows and knees.This can be done in a chair or by sitting on the edge of the tub.

Rinse your skin off well. Be carfeful it may be a bit slippery.

YOUR skin will be softer and look better.

Next apply your fave’ hand and body lotion or cream.

That’s it! You’ll love this fresh D.I.Y. beauty recipe. 

*If you happen to have any of this scrub left. You can use the above skin treat on your face and chest,gently working in circular motions. Don’t press as hard as you would on your elbows and knees.



Have you heard?

Smith’s Rosebud Salve! 

The skin savior for winter weathered skin!BLOG Rosebud



Rosebud Salve is all the beauty rage with models,makeup artists and celebrities? I so covet it’s beauty benefits too.

This salve has so many uses and is an old time apothecary brand.

The jelly like balm/salve is good for:

Your lips!

Your cheekbones!

Your cuticles!

Your wild brows!

Your stray hairs around your forehead and hair line!

Your soles!

Baby bottoms if you need or on chapped baby cheeks in a pinch!

A little goes a long way…it has a wonderful rosy scent too.

Think about adding it to your beauty routine!!!

Create a Beauty Ritual

Not a boring routine.

Today’s tip  is a continuation to my series on skin and making it look better in the new year. January is a perfect time of year to do this! As a skin care therapist and professional makeup artist…I thought you’d like these tips especially to start fresh in the new year. They say it takes 30 days to start a habit. Let’s see how you do.

The ritual I am writing about today is all about the basics.

I realize many of you may be quite savvy and already have one but many girls and woman have no real regime nor do they have a clue. That’s OK I am here to help you.

THREE simple steps:

Clean your face with soap or a creamy cleanser. That deodorant bar you use between your legs and on your feet does not belong on that pretty face darlings!

Tone your skin with a refreshing skin toner. My fave is rosewater. You can make one from scratch or buy a bottle already made. It smells so divine and is so soothing and hydrating to the skin. If you have sensitive skin this is for you too.

Don’t forget to hydrate your skin with a basic moisturizer. You know even oily skin or combination skin needs moisturizer. Not just dry skin or very dry skin.

After you have mastered these steps and formed a ritual for your skin… add an eye cream or gel to the regime. The eye area is the lightest part of your skin. So, you need to give it a different kind of attention and product.








I thought my face was clean…UNTIL

glycolic pads blog

I carefully washed my face with facial soap and warm water with my sonic cleansing unit. My skin felt so clean and fabulous.

Next, I gently swiped a new detoxifying and glycolic filled  pad across my skin and stopped in midstream only to see there were traces of makeup and I wasn’t fully clean!

Be still my heart! I was so shocked to see the dirty little secret still on my face.See my pad? I rested it back in the container so you can see. The photo only shows you so much. It was dirtier than it appears.

The message here for you is…always clean your skin with TLC and don’t think your complexion is fully clean until you are clean. This is the only face you’ve got and you only get one shot in life. Keep it clean and give your skin the time and attention it deserves.