Trick or Treat Yum!

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Oh how I LOVE… LOVE… LOVE …Halloween. How about you?

It is the one day we get to be someone else for a day or a night or we get to simply enjoy the faces of the little Trick Or Treaters at our door! I know not all of you might celebrate this day but it is a day we can smile and play and eat candy


Did I ever tell you I had the pleasure of making up that famous actress who was in the infamous movie the EXORCIST? No, not for the movie but later on in her life for an event. Linda Blair is a lovely lady with a HUGE heart. I will never forget our time together and the day we met.

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But who knew this years Halloween would be this different and not quite as fun.We’ve been wearing masks months now before Halloween. Social distance and no smiles and hugs???

I’m a big smiler & hugger.

Here is a yummy drink just for fun that doesn’t have booze but was given to me by a friend.

A Luscious 👄 Mud Pie!

A mud pie without the crust! one that you drink.

What you will need to make it:

1 1/2 cups of milk

4 scoops of chocolate ice cream

Drizzle of chocolate syrup

Place all of the above in a blender

Mix until smooth

Pour into glasses (makes two)

Optional:Add some of your Halloween candy or leftover to come and enjoy tomorrow.

Smash in the wrapper a mini candy bar like a Butterfinger,Milky Way or Malted Balls and place on top!

Enjoy! ❤️👄


Trying to hang in there? I am too.

These days into months have not been easy for us. I’ve been keeping busy with my work and lost in our pandemic life. (Sorry I have not posted a blog lately.)

But we’ve got to keep moving, keep going, keep working,keep dreaming and keep taking care of each other and our families.

And above all continue to take care of ourselves even if it is doing it ourselves until we can see a PRO and visit the spa or salon again. I have been able to see my stylist for my haircuts unlike many of you across the country and globe. Wonderful!

Nothing like a fresh haircut and someone else shampooing your hair.

Am I right?

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TRY A New mani & pedi nail color!
Missing a trip to the SPAaah!

I long for a real mani & pedi!!

I so want a facial! (And not one I do myself)

I want to fly ANYWHERE or travel out of the country again!

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I want to work again on the road and continue to spread beauty and love all around the country again! I want to pamper my clients and wrap my arms around them again.

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I long to eat at some of my fave local places and around the country safely again!

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I want to see the faces of my sisters and feels their hugs and LOVE in person again! There is nothing like A HEALTHY dose of love from your family.

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How about you?

What are you doing to take care of you?

How are you?

What are you looking forward to once the world heals better soon?

Easy Makeup!

At home or at your job. I think it feels good when you get a little makeup on your face! Don’t you agree?

This fall as we move further with this pandemic and we are living a more relaxed and casual lifestyle give yourself a little at home “pick me up before you head out the door or put a bit of color or while at home.

Casual Beauty is what it is all about now!

Here are a few easy steps to do:

💋Clean, tone and moisturize your skin.

I love to use sheet masks like Inna which offers so many benefits like hydrating brightening and fit sensitive skin. K Beauty rocks!

💋Add a bit of SPF on your face and neck please.

💋 Next swipe a bit of foundation. A creamy powder one will even out the complexion. Or skip foundation and use a dusting on your powder brush with Rice Powder. Tones down shine and keeps you cool and makes your makeup last longer.

💋 Next apply a dash of a neutral or hint of shimmer eyeshadow. I love a nude, vanilla honey or champagne. Apply all over the lid with a blending brush.

💋 Next you can use a cocoa gel eyeliner for definition in the rim under your eyes, line the upper lid close to the lashes or simply skip this step!

💋 Mascara is next. Use a navy, eggplant or brown black hue. Don’t overdo! Skip the false eyelashes. Give that look a break and save those beautiful lashes.

OR if you don’t want to commit to that much just use a CLEAR mascara. Yes, clear. No color just a bit defines each lash without color.

💋 Skip the lipliner and apply a lipstick, balm or gloss. Wearing face covers are drying out our lips. But if you apply some lip product you’ll be better off and feel lip fabulous too.

💋 Next brush your hair with a dash of your fav’ body powder. It cools you down and helps with that greasy hair look that sometimes happens.

💋I recommend using a rosewater spray to refresh your skin throughout the day. Especially with masks on masks off. Helps with dry sensitive skin issues.

Got a beauty or skin care question? Just ask. I’d love to help!

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Pumpkin Coffee Cake — NancyC

Been CRAVING coffee cake …me too!

I can’t wait to TRY this recipe and make it in time for Halloween weekend.

Do you use an Essence?

I do and here’s what you might want to know.

They are very hydrating. They may just be your new moisturizer. I used to think they are toners or freshners. But after a bit of research,traveling to Korea and exploring I discovered they are not. Korean girls know all about them from as early as their teenage years. Essences contain high levels of sodium hyaluronate and glycerin. They typically do not clog the pores or feel heavy or oily on the skin.

If you have oily skin like I do you may be able to use them for moisture but if you have dry to very dry skin they may not cut it alone.

You will need and a moisturizer.

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They can hydrate, brighten, help with acne, dullness, wrinkles and redness. They will exfoliate by softening your dead skin cells. A beautiful bonus! Thus making the other skin care and beauty products you put on to penetrate and work better.

I find applying an essence is pretty relaxing and calming like using a Jade facial roller.

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I like to apply an essence with a press and pat motion NOT using a cotton ball or cotton round. I also find you don’t waste product and use less of the product. The press and pat application method is just like the women of Korea do. As you may have learned by now Koreans make the skin care process a ritual. Skin Care and self care are a big part of their life and their skin shows the results of it!

When I fly to the orient I am amazed on how flawless the women of and flight attendants complexions are.

Absolutely Flawless! I’m so envious.


Are you guilty of it?

You know some of you may have gotten lazy on doing a skin care routine in quarantine and beyond.

But your face NEEDS it. Moisturizer that is. And always applied on a clean fresh face!

As I mentioned before face masks 😷 and face covers haven’t been very kind to our skin. BUT they are a necessary accessory right now!

I discovered a few must try ideas to keep hydrating going!

But let’s go back to a simple moisturizing plan. Place a pretty tray or basket at your bedside and put a container of moisturizer on it alongside a hand and body lotion. Have them at your fingertips to hydrate your body and face when it is WET from the shower or washing your face.

While your at it add a lip conditioner to kiss 💋 your lips with before you go to bed.

The hack I discovered running late and rushing to get ready for work last week was this. After a cup of tea and some fruit. I brushed my teeth and did my makeup. It included tinted moisturizer, a dash of rice powder, a blush, black eyeliner on my inner rim of the eye and a lipstick.

I took a quick shower with my makeup on!

Since I took a bath 🛀 the night before and my hair was already washed. I did not wash my hair again and just put it up in a clip. I let a bit of the shower spray my face. If you’re careful and move quick the face only gets a bit of water 💦 drops on it.

It felt really good. After getting out of the shower,I did NOT dry my face and quickly styled my hair, got dressed and left for the day. 10 minutes away I had to mask up and stop at the gas station for a fill up. My face still felt a bit dewy from the quick shower on my face. It’s hard to explain but it felt good.

As the day went on my face had a dewy glow! I’ll take it.

My next dewy skin hack is using a mini hydrating mist device like I visited a spa and was in the steam room. This unit delivers a dewy mist to the skin. I like to use it on the face after I cleanse it. I also like to use it during the course of the day when my face gets a bit dry from the air conditioner, face mask and soon to be heater. It does not make your makeup or mascara run.

Another thing I like to do is simple. I spray my face after I do my makeup or not with a lovely Rosewater spray. You may find it in a store or make it from scratch. I sometimes refrigerate it before using in hot humid weather. So cool and refreshing!

All of these are fabulous cheap thrills!

I hope you enjoy these skin hacks and tips and keep that dewy glow.

Nothing ages your face faster … than dry skin. Don’t under moisturize!

Keep your skin happy and hydrated. You’ll see the results pretty fast!

Natural and aromatic…

Because you asked…here’s a recipe for a natural way (NO harsh chemicals) to clean your makeup sponges and makeup brushes at home. This is what I use too.

However, for my beauty business I do extensive cleaning and also use SterileLight Disinfecting case.

1-2 tablespoons of Castile soap

1 1/2tablespoons white vinegar

1 cup of warm water (Use a bit more water if you would like to)

12 drops of lavender Tea Tree oil (if you prefer less essential oil and the scent use 6 drops) I love Aura Cacia essential oils.

Wash your brushes in the water with the above.

Please note:

A lipstick brush or a foundation brush will be more concentrated and need EXTRA attention. Remove any slick buildup and continue wash and swishing around in the water longer. Also PRESS OUT this residue in a paper towel and make sure all the color and product is gone out of the brush.

Rinse well.

Rinse again.

Squeeze out the residue and rest your brushes on a paper towel overnight.

Next morning they will be dry,fresh and ready for you to make up your pretty face!

Don’t let makeup and your facial oils mount up on your makeup brushes and sponges. Don’t spread bacteria and use makeup brushes and sponges daily for weeks. Wash them at least once a week. These are tough pandemic times. You can’t be too clean or too safe. Can we? AND you don’t want those unwanted zits!

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SPA at home for one,two or more!

This week on TV on River City Live in sunny Jacksonville 🌴 Florida I did a segment on creating a mini SPA escape in your home. When the TV producer asked me to do this I immediately was on board. I searched high and low for the best and put it all together for our TV viewers.

First I think you need to create a basket or two that you always have READY for you when you are in the SPA mood!

Fill this basket with whatever you’d like to use. Luxurious hydrating soaps. I haven’t met a soap bar I haven’t liked! A luxe bath sponge. Cozy towels and wash cloths.

And if you’re into clean and green brands hand wash soaps like Baylis and Harding made with all the best ingredients and organic extracts.No chemicals. If you are eco friendly and live clean too this brand is for you. Vegan too. Dermatologist tested.

I start by setting the mood. Candles are great but I LOVE a diffuser & ultrasonic humidifier lamp (cool mist) and superior quality Egyptian essential oils BY CHI. That famous brand we all know and love for our hair Farouk Systems.This lamp has seven mood lights to help you relax and also make you feel good. While the essential oil purifies the air and smells so good. A lamp to relax by or for A bit of ambiance lighting turn it on just do nothing after a long work day, school or … just because!

Next, try a face mask or other bath and face treats I have fallen in LOVE with Nectar bath treats. They make amazing Mask Mix in kits all beautifully boxed and instructions included… that you can do in the comfort of your home! You need to check out their happy products on their website.

Today I featured their (Nectar) aromatic FUN soap that your children, teens or “child in you” would love to wash with. It was on the shape of an actual popsicle… stick included. Oh so cute!

Escape in the bath tub!

After you do slather your body with a silky hydrating lotion for your hands and body!

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Wash and condition your hair with a bit more care. An Unwrapped Life is an eco-friendly brand of shampoo and conditioning bars like The Fixer. ALL packaged in tins NO PLASTIC BOTTLES and no waste and the tins are re-usebale in so many ways. Like storing earrings in them, cotton balls for travel and more.

*Shampoo and conditioner to fit your hairs different beauty needs.

Don’t feel like a mask but want your skin to be hydrated and happy again…try a mini spa hydrating device. Guys or gals. YOU need this. Especially now with wearing face masks. I am addicted and so is my skin. Dewy glowing skin!

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Here’s a recipe for a DIY Mask with strawberries:

An easy mask you can do at home that is on the cheap and natural. Slice up some strawberries and place in a mini bowl. Mash and apply.The strawberries BRIGHTEN the skin and the salicylic acid in them gently exfoliate the skin naturally. Rinse well after 10 to 15 minutes.

I hope you’ll try a few of these ideas and brands and create a basket or two and fill them with things you love escape with your sweetie, your daughter, sister or bestie…. your own spa time! At home!

What’s HOT in Beauty and Wellness?

It’s all about those pesky chest wrinkles Bonnabe Decolette pads are your NEW beauty go to! Helps increase collagen. Improves the appearance of the skin pretty immediate. Side sleepers … they got you covered! Medical grade Silicone … Washable and reuseable. They can also be used for stretch marks with your baby bump.

Want juicy healthy looking plumper lips? Me too!

Try PMD’s new beauty device to give us just that. PMD Kiss system 👄 like when we were a little girl or pre-teen! This device is everything! It kisses your lips and can exfoliate your lips too! I’ll be sharing more on this unit in another blog and sharing reviews with you too!

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There are some awesome new products for that. Check out Beautisamo for those sun spots and more. Day and Night Pigmentation care.

FREE of parabens,mineral oil, phthalates,triclosen,and endochrine disruptors.

Want to lighten dark spots or even out your complexion?

Beautisamo is for you! The formula is in a click and apply pen. Great for on the go too.

And if you have issues with your skin like a condition called Vitiligo…explore Vitiligo Vanquish By Fake Bake. It helps you cover correct and even out your skin. On days you really want coverage. If you have Vitiligo this kit may just be your beauty rescue.

*Created by a woman who has Vitiligo!

Want to be extra safe during these pandemic times and from now on? SterileLight is a disinfecting case you can use in your home,office,salon,spa,doctors office. It also disinfects and even dries makeup brushes,makeup,skincare and more.

Did I say … iPhones, keys, money clips, small baby toys and more. YES.

Using the power of a safe germicidal mercury free light. LED screen. Quick disinfect. I am in love and feel so protected with this case in my home and office.

Hello Beautiful Autumn!

We are still in summer despite the calendar letting us know that the first day of fall has arrived. The palm trees are swaying and it is still so HOT.

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This picture below is NOT what I am going to see.

I so miss NEW YORK City and the north especially when it comes to the fall season.

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I do long for cozy scarves and sweaters. Sometimes fall in Florida is still HOT and humid. But I hope this year will be different.

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I can’t wait for …Pumpkin 🎃 decor and more!

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Pumpkin flavored anything drinks. Cold or warm. And making pumpkin seeds in my oven from a fresh pumpkin.

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Treating myself to a pretty bouquet of fall flowers.

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A anything NEW when it comes to beauty. Even though I own a makeup studio in sunny Florida I LOVE to browse and explore.

What are you looking forward to this fall? What are a few of your fav’ things? Planning anything different and special?

It’s the little things, it’s the lovely things that are important. Enjoy!!! 🧡