Postcard of Loews at Coronado Bay,California

This is the view outside my hotel room window! The water is the most gorgeous shade of TEAL. Loews hotel at Coronado Bay is an amazzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing place to stay. The icing on the cake if you are in the mood for love or on your honeymoon is…The signature Voga Voyage designed for couple. You can experience a unique cruise in an authentic Venetian gondola through the canals and water ways of the Coronado  Cays. Having traveled to Italy I found this quite unique and delightful.

Enjoy an application of sunscreen and a 40 minute massage while you ride the gondola. The last 10 minutes of the ride you will sip champagne and eat chocolate covered strawberries. Now, that’s what I call …living~


This gorgeous hotel also is kid friendly and even has a KID LOUNGE and other amenities to keep them busy. It also has a free shuttle to take you into their ADORABLE town.

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