Simmering Stove Top potpourri

Day 3 of my  week worth of gift ideas or stocking stuffers…you can make yourself!

Simmering Stove Top Potpourri

1/4 cup of cloves

1/4 cup of star anise ( I find that the Asian grocery stores have it at the best price)

6 Cinnamon sticks or sprinkle in some cinnamon powder

3 Bay leafs

Add a few sprinkles of pine or cinnamon oil if you can find it for a more delightful scent. 

Stir all of the above together in a bowl.

Fill in a  unique jar (you can find some great ones at surplus stores)

 Place a bow or ribbon on it and ready,set, give~

*GREAT gift to make your home smell Holiday delicious! 

Don’t forget to make one for you…

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