Garlic Nail Polish!

images GARLICD.I.Y Nail Strengthener
This is a recipe I showed on TV last week on
Thanks for asking for me to POST the actual recipe FOR YOU to whip up in your kitchen!!!

My clients and celebrity clients are always telling me about their nails getting brittle,peeling or they break fast. Frustrating I know it even happens to me sometimes.

Here is my recipe for stronger healthier looking nails on the natural side and cheap!

What you will need is:

1 bottle of $1.00 Store clear nail polish
1 fresh clove of garlic

Peel & chop the garlic in approximately six mini chunks like pieces. Place inside the nail polish. You may want to pour a little of the nail polish in the garbage so the chunks will not make it over flow. If it does not overflow, that is fine too.

Shake the bottle and leave in dry, cool place for about six days or so. Nine days is fine.
The nail techs say it really works and is cheaper than a store bought brand and a natural fix too.

Neither YOU nor your nails will smell like garlic and it is cheap and eco-chic to use.

I have it on right now…Give it a whirl!
Great for guys too!

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